Poem for thy love

Two candles in love. The flame is inverted hea...

Two candles in love. The flame is inverted heart shape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Canto I

Do you remember thy afternoons love; thy sweet caresses,

Thy sweet passions that therein resided in thy touch,

Thy kiss and awesome love that overwhelmed all the impossibilities

Of life: all the negatives and pains of life, all the sadness of broken

Hearts which we have encountered, in the past, before we met!

Canto II

My lost love, do you recollect the poetry, the sweet letters,

That I composed only for you my beloved, when the afternoons were

All lonely without you, and the nights long, when you were away

And gone home for the holiday, when my soul was dying with

Love that over flowed to the heart and flooded onto the eye lashes?

Canto III

Do you remember the first kiss, the first touch, the first -?

I love you – I love my darling whose name starts with A

The first dance, the first make out, the first fight, the first

Brake, the first honesty, the first confession of our love,

The first time to feel pain: the first time to cry; to apologize – to beg?

Canto IV

Do you recall, love, but it’s all over, like the night in day time;

It was good, it was comely, and it was all that I have ever dreamt

And wanted, but everything must come to an end, and the heart

Must pause to cry and weep, and the mind sweep away the

Recollections of our relation: the once a life experience.

Canto V

Like dew on the morning sun, it must evaporate, it must dry, and the

Beauties of the grass shine and radiate to attract many to rest on it,

So is the fate of our hearts; they must stop to weep and make

Themselves beautiful for others to admire them, and hopefully

Rest on them, adieu, my lost love.



  1. It’s beautiful.
    It’s sad.
    It’s realistic.

    But sad.

    • Hi,
      I wrote the poem when I lost someone that I truly loved. Thanks for your comments.

      Best regards,

  2. irsanadenz

    like this , good job .. the beauty of love rather than when we met, but time and memories in the time we had together

    • Thanks,I appreciate your comment.

      Best regards,

      • irsanadenz

        yup , success bro , I hope to see a more beautiful with time :-bd

  3. Donna

    very beautiful poem. You are a genius!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Best regards,

  4. This tugs at my heart, but it’s simply beautiful~

    • By the way, I’m so far behind on reading blogs, that I’m not sure if I thanked you for following me. So, thank you and I am returning the favor! I look forward to reading more of your lovely work and have a wonderful day!

      • Hi Lauren,
        You are welcome. I like reading your blog. Have a great weekend, take care.

        Best regards,


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